Health and Life Insurance

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With all the new changes in the health care world we are here to help you find coverage that best fits your needs for you, your family or your business.  We offer health and life insurance for individuals, groups and employers.  We also provide Medicare supplements, disability and long term care coverage.

Heartland Financial Service, Inc offers the following Health Insurance:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Insurance Coverage
  • Vision Insurance Coverage
  • Disability Insurance Coverage
  • Long Term Care Insurance

*** We do not offer every plan available in your area. Please contact 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance. Provides affordable protection for a specific period of time at a scheduled premium level. It is the simplest form of life insurance – you chose the coverage level, a term and name a beneficiary. This type of coverage is best when the life insurance policy is essential, but dollars are limited. It’s a plan that can help protect your family and business by covering expenses, but without breaking the bank .Term life insurance covers a well-defined period of time, so what happens if you outlive your term policy? You can renew your coverage, often at a higher premium, without having to provide evidence of good health. You can also convert your term plan to a permanent life insurance policy, which will build cash value.

Universal Life Insurance. The flexible design of universal life insurance allows Heartland Financial Service, Inc to customize policies with the features that best fit your lifestyle. Universal life insurance is a flexible-premium, adjustable-benefit life insurance policy that accumulates cash value. The flexibility of this policy allows you to change the amount of insurance as your needs for insurance change .With a universal plan you choose both the amount of protection that best suits your family or business, and the amount and frequency of payments. There is also a survivorship option available, which insures the lives of two people and pays the death benefit at the death of the surviving insured.

Final Expense Insurance. Also known as burial life insurance, final expense insurance provides those you leave behind with the financial means and flexibility to pay your remaining expenses, outstanding debts, and legal fees. This plan offers coverage that is permanent with premiums that never change. A final expense insurance plan will accumulate cash value.

This plan differs from a burial protection policy because it allows you to choose the amount of coverage to fit your personal needs – giving you peace of mind when it matters most. Final expense policies are simplified issue, with no required medical exams. Some plans are even guaranteed issue.

Guarantee Issue Life Insurance. A guarantee issue life insurance policy offers permanent life insurance – without you having to qualify based on your health. It’s a policy that can help your family cover the costs of final expenses and other debts ­– but the premiums are usually higher.

Contact an agent at Heartland Financial Service, Inc to find out if this is the right policy for you.

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